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LINDBERG is considered as the ultimate eyewear design brand in the international eyewear industry. LINDBERG has received more international design awards than any other eyewear brand.

All LINDBERG eyewear form part of an individualised system that provides excellent opportunities for "tailor-made eyewear" for faces of all ages and shapes. The system contains endless options regarding the combination of shapes, colours, sizes and features. The finishing touch is LINDBERG's engraving of your name in the frame as well as the individual numbering of each frame.

Irrespective of their different appearance, all LINDBERG eyewear include the following design elements:

- Scandinavian, minimalist design
- Extreme lightness
- Individual adjustability of bridge and temples
- Unique design details
- Patented hinges without screws
- A wealth of unique colours and colour combinations
- Endless number of shapes, sizes and features

LINDBERG uses many different materials, e.g. titanium, acetate, gold, platinum, diamonds, buffalo horn etc. These exciting materials are designed and processed through innovative design and production processes combined with excellent craftsmanship. The result is a product of outstanding quality.


Our product lines

- AIR Titanium - the original and now iconic rimless design. With titanium in improbable small dimensions, and a breakthrough design in comfort, it is easy to understand how AIR Titanium has become a timeless design classic.

- AIR Titanium RIM - combining flexibility and lightness AIR Titanium RIM offers a sublime comfort and yet excels in strength and understated design. AIR Titanium Rim retains the unique and distinctive coils of the AIR hinges.

- LINDBERG 1000 Spirit - the ultra minimalistic Spirit front and the various distinctive temples combine to create a fascinating style, allowing modern and discerning wearers to help create their own unique eyewear. The frame can be tailored to the individual face to give an unsurpassed wearer comfort. An innovative and elegant hinge has been developed, taking functionality and simplicity to new heights.

- LINDBERG 7000/9500 Strip - the feel of extremely thin laser-cut titanium plate around the lens is impressive along with the unique comfort features. Trendy Danish design with understated confidence.

- LINDBERG 2000 Acetanium - combining titanium with inlays of acetate has inspired LINDBERG's in-house designers to conjure models in wide range from aesthetic elegance to funky retro styles.

- LINDBERG 3000 X - award winning semi-rimless design with a titanium upper rim to ooze style and sophistication. Design with the latest plate technology and innovative screw less hinges - in other words; classic LINDBERG eyewear.

- LINDBERG Sunglasses - these sublime lightweight sunglasses spans from exclusive elegance and understated luxury to the rugged and highly functional. They are handmade to offer outstanding quality and functionality. The exquisite finish and the many innovative details make each pair of LINDBERG sunglasses a unique luxury item.

- LINDBERG kid/teen - the most advanced frame ever made. Extreme flexibility, adaptability and strength of the titanium offers the perfect look without dominating the face. The child barely feels the weight of the frames.


LINDBERG - 创意–舒适–时尚

LINDBERG(林德伯格)是一个专业的镜架设计师品牌,由Poul-Jorn Lindberg先生于20世纪80年代在丹麦Arhus创立。

第一支LINDBERG眼镜AIR TITANIUM诞生于1986年,这支纯钛,无螺丝焊接,重仅2.7克的眼镜一经面市,便荣获当年法国SILMO眼镜展设计大奖。

20多年来,LINDBERG始终立足于美观与舒适性兼具的高品质镜架的设计与生产,现拥有包括太阳眼镜在内的六大系列产品。 LINDBERG源于极简理念的设计,摒弃了常用的螺丝、铆钉、焊接和其他多余的零件,使镜架轻盈无比,最轻仅有1.9克。这些产品先后获得了超过47项顶尖国际设计大奖。





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